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Housing Colombia

Your Server in Our Data Center

Our data center is ready and prepared to keep your equipment and information on the go.

All our plans colocation include the following:

Unlimited reboots
Full UPS 100% Uptime
24/7 Customer Support
NAP connection Colombia

Colocation x 1U


1 Amp @208 V

/ 29 VLAN (5 IPs Available)

5Mbps Bandwidth

X100 Mbps Network port

1U Space


Colocation x 1/4 Rack


5 Amp @ 220V - 1.1KW

/ 28 VLAN (13 IPs Available)

10Mbps Bandwidth

X100 Mbps Network port

1/4 Rack Space


Colocation x 1/2 Rack


10 Amp @ 220V - 1.1KW

/ 28 VLAN (13 IPs Available)

15 Mbps Bandwidth

X100 Mbps Network port

1/2 Rack Space


Colocation Full Rack


220V-20 amp @ 2.2Kw

/ 28 VLAN (13 IPs Available)

20 Mbps Bandwidth

X100 Mbps Network port

Full Rack Space




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DThat you need

Our Service 100% Custom


Data Center Availability until the


  • > Meets or exceeds all requirements of Level II
  • > A number of distribution routes are at the service of computer equipment
  • > Our IT team has dual power and fully compatible with the topology of the architecture of a site


Data Center Availability until the


  • > Meets or exceeds all requirements of Level III
  • > Dual independent refrigeration power, including refrigerators and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • > Benchmark with availability of 99.995%

With HostDime you can purchase
from 1U or even your own Data Center

Our advisors are ready to guide you in your process of colocation for your server or servers

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housing colombia - hostdime

Server Housing

HostDime will maintain your server 24 hours online , which you can have safe power supply systems , connection speed , less latency , connection to NAP Colombia . With HostDime you can find the security you need at the best price .

NAP Colombia

It is a national point of connection of networks of companies that provide service Internet access in Colombia , with which it is achieved that Internet traffic is to and from our country , use only local or national channels.

¿Lower latency?

In computer networks data is called latency to the sum of time delays within a network . A delay is caused by the delay in the propagation and transmission of packets within the network.source

So isHostDime gives you lower latency thanks to its coverage by America and its connections high performance with all our data centers located in different parts of the world, a server with our housing service plus stay in the country will also have an IP address in Colombia and connection to NAP . so your information will no longer travel paths THROUGH extensive network of several countries with housing Colombia loading and unloading from your server will be faster response times and the entry of your server will be instant .

From Bogota levels Latency

HostDime USA, HostDime Mexico, HostDime Colombia, HostDime Brazil

Latency connection according to our data centers

Bogota Colombia


10 ms

Orlando EEUU


45 ms

Guadalajara Mexico


115 ms

Sao Paulo Brasil


140 ms

¿Need technical help?

We give support 7/365

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Systems of electric power supply from two different substations ( one main and one suplenncia ).

own emergency power generation through gensets in configuration ( 1 + 1).

UPS systems ( Uninteruptible Power Supply) and PDUs (Power Distribution Units ) Configuration A + B . providing feed path

Control systems temperature and humidity through air conditioning equipment precision in redundant configuration ( N + 1).

Detection systems and extinguishing fires with no pollutants.

physical and logical security through CCTV systems ( CCTV ).

Biometric identification systems for entering operational staff in the data center.

7x24 security guards , always keep your information protected in all areas of income and within the DC.


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